Wanderlust Away

Despite social anxiety and a propensity towards a hermit-like lifestyle, I have been very fortunate to be given some choice platonic soul mates.

While they are amazing human beings in their own right, they are also very fond of traveling. As an ex-military-dependent, travel used to be a part of life. You spend a few years in one town/city/state/country, and the military tells you to live somewhere else, so you pack everything you own, and you move.

Needless to say, not a big fan of staying in one place for too long. The longest I’ve ever lived anywhere is nine years in Georgia* (probably the most miserable nine years of my entire existence). While I spent those nine years finishing high-school (shout out to all the miserable bastards that had to move their senior-fucking-year), earning a BA in Communications, and receiving my Masters in Library Sciences, it was really, really miserable.

So after graduating, I found my first job in Iowa, and I’ve been fortunate to do some form of travel at least once a year.

NY, NY; Atlanta, GA; California; Hawaii; Charleston, SC

This year, I’m MEGA excited because I get to go on two trips. Tomorrow, I’m meeting with a friend in Washington DC. We are staying at at hotel in Bethesda and will be relying on the metro to get us all over the place. While it’s not my first time visiting DC, it will be the first time that I will be able to really explore and enjoy my time there (instead of attending conferences and lectures for 80% of my stay). We plan on hitting up Chinatown, the DC Zoo, and–of course–the Smithsonian museums. Any recommendations of (cheap) places for us to check out while we are in the area?

My second trip is much more exotic! My sister and her husband are avid travelers, and they invited me on their trip to Iceland.** While this will be their third time visiting the country, it will be my very first, and I’m just counting the days! Hiking, puffins, foxes, and weird Icelandic food, here I come!!






*Seriously. Don’t even get me started on all the problems with Georgia. Southern hospitality, my ass. Also, the weather is abhorrent. Where the fuck is winter??!



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